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Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Budget Friendly $99 Headset Packs A Punch

Microsoft’s Xbox wireless budget friendly $99 headset has been around for a while now. Originally announced in March this year, they offer a more than average experience most gaming headphones provide at that price point.

Microsoft Launches Official Xbox Wireless Headset for $99.99 | PCMag

The wireless gaming headset uses the Xbox wireless protocol to connect to the Xbox One and Series X/S consoles. It has multi-device connectivity. That means you can resume audio listening to any device connected to it via Bluetooth at any time.

Microsoft boasts this headset will churn out 15 hours of listening time per charge. While a 30 minutes charge will give users 4 hours of listening time, and a Full charge in 3 hours time.

Although it doesn’t have an audio jack, which is fine for most people. The Xbox wireless headset is also not compatible with non-Xbox consoles, you can use it for your shiny PS5 console.

Microsoft uses the same design language used for its Surface headphones. The rotating dials on both ear cups are super intuitive. The left dial has an external mic for voice dialogue, gamers can adjust chat and games sound by rotating the dial.

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On the left dial is the volume control, which can also be adjusted by rotating the dial. Sadly, the Xbox wireless headset has only passive noise cancellation, at $99 it’s no biggie.


Launch of Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset with Rotating Earcups: Price, Specifications, Availability - India News Republic

The competition doesn’t offer passive cancellation, not to talk of active noise cancellation. Still on the right ear cup is a USB-C port for charging, and connectivity using a USB-C to USB Type-A cable for PCs.

A premium feature Microsoft is adding to this headset is Dolby Atmos compatibility for a price, after a trial. The sound equalizer can be adjusted using the Xbox Accessories App, available are three levels of mute(low, medium, and high).

Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Headset certainly packs a punch of features considering its budget $99 price, a premium ideal headset for first-time gamers.




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