You are currently viewing Netflix’s “A Naija Christmas” Spotlights The Pressure Of Finding A Partner During Holidays

Netflix’s “A Naija Christmas” Spotlights The Pressure Of Finding A Partner During Holidays

“A Naija Christmas” directed by versatile Nigerian director Kunle Afolayan dropped on Netflix a week ago, and the film is just the perfect Christmas film to usher you into the holiday season.

“A Naija Christmas” centres on three bachelors who are yet to marry and their mother Madam Agatha Agu (Rachel Oniga) who wants them to marry because she wants to carry her grandchildren.

The film showcases the typical Nigerian society where mothers pressure their sons to bring good girls home and even go as far as matchmaking them.

When their mother discovers that her sons are not forthcoming with wives she decides to speed things up by declaring that the first son to marry will inherit her house.

"A Naija Christmas"

In the film, Ugo(Kunle Remi) is the chronic cheat who has sampled every girl in town and isn’t ready to settle down. However, he changes his mind because he plans to sell his mother’s house to pay his creditor Tony Torpedo (Lateef Adedimeji).

"A Naija Christmas"
Rachel Oniga and Kunle Remi

The second son Obinna (Efa Iwara) is unlucky in love, unknown to him, he was on a journey of finding love in the arms of his best friend.

Netflix's "A Naija Christmas"
Efa Iwara Playing Obinna

The last son Chike (Alvin Abayomi) is in a relationship with a married woman who he believes will eventually divorce her husband to be with him.

 "A Naija Christmas"
Alvin Abayomi playing Chike
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A Naija Christmas came with humour and all the fun typical with Nigerian Christmas. However, some part of the film’s storyline was just cliche. The part where Kaneng and Obi (Best friends) fall for each other was predictable.  All of these in the film took away the suspense and we knew how the end would be eventually. Maybe I actually expected more twists from a Kunle Afolayan directed film but this was a letdown.

A Naija Christmas is a beautiful Romcom that gives you the full meaning of Christmas in a Nigerian home. It comes with the food, music, fashion and the love of the holidays. This Kunle Afolayan’s Christmas film is worth the watch and I rate it a 7.

Head to Netflix this Christmas season to see this film.


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