You are currently viewing “Anikulapo”- Kunle Afolayan Tells An Epic Story Of Love and Betrayal

“Anikulapo”- Kunle Afolayan Tells An Epic Story Of Love and Betrayal

Kunle Afolayan returns with “Anikulapo” another blockbuster for Netflix, and everybody is talking about it.

In this film, Kunle Remi plays (Saro) an aso-ofi weaver from Gbogan, who journeys to Oyo to start a new life. There he is entangled with lust, and the desire to make it. However, his love for women would make him make decisions that he will regret, even when he is not ready to face the consequence of his actions.

"Anikulapo"- Kunle Afolayan Tells An Epic Story Of Love and Betrayal
Photos of the cast of “Anikulapo”

In this Yoruba epic film, Kunle Afolayan shows that he is a man of tradition who leaves no stone unturned in telling stories deep-rooted in culture. The story opens up with an Akala bird that has the power to bring the dead back to life. Whether this is true or an Ifa fiction, it sounded really believable.

The cinematographer also came very correct. The makeup, sound effect, costumes were all top notch.

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For characterization, the cast came correct. Kunle Remi the star actor came prepared with his tone of voice, body gestures. Bimbo Ademoye (Arolake) showed us how a woman can be loyal, and how she can move on with her self respect. Sola Sobowale (Awarun) on her part showed us that she is skilled.

However, the film had some lengthy scenes and conversations that went too long. Also, the film became some what predictable towards the end.

“Anikulapo” has a rich storyline line and its one movie with a lesson for everyone.

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