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MySpace Loses 12 Years’ Worth Of Music

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Some millennials probably have no clue what MySpace is, but it was the hub for social networking and music sharing back in the early 2000s. For those people, however, who have their music on there between 2003 and 2015, it’s all gone now.

According to MySpace’s company data privacy officer:

“Due to a server migration, files were corrupted and unable to be transferred over to our updated site.”

About a year ago, there was news that the company was experiencing some issues with songs and videos that were updated back in 2017. However, Myspace said the issue would be fixed. It seems the issue did not get fixed, and all data is now lost.

MySpace Loses 12 Years' Worth Of Music

They added that all the FLV videos are now unplayable after a service update. They are now converted to HTML5.

Back in the 2000s, MySpace was the biggest social media network. It helped launch the careers of many pop artists around the world, especially in America and Europe. However, the platform went under from around 2008 when Facebook took over the scene.

This might not affect a lot of people as some people do not even realise that the social network is still in existence, and those that do will most likely not use it to back up their music.

This is just a confirmation that everything online eventually expires, on the cloud or otherwise. It goes without saying that if you perhaps have songs on SoundCloud right now, and that is your only backup, you might want to reconsider. Who knows what will happen in 15 years? This one only lasted 12.

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