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MetaX is suing Meta Platforms for trademark infringement

MetaX is suing Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Platforms for trademark infringement in a Manhattan federal court. 

According to the lawsuit, MetaX claims that Facebook rebranding itself has completely crushed it and deprived it of the ability to continue doing business with the name. The company pleaded with the court that doing nothing would push it out of the market and people were already falsely believing that the two companies were affiliated.

It wants the court to stop Meta Platforms from using the name on products and services that overlap with its own. Also, it has requested a settlement of an unspecified amount in damages.

“[Meta has] not only put our business in jeopardy, but that of the entire industry and the intellectual property rights of the innovators that have helped build it.,” Justin “JB” Bolognino, CEO of MetaX said.

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In addition, the company claimed that it had approached Facebook for a partnership in 2017, but things did not work out. However, it said that a Facebook exec had found one of its experiences that year as “amazing” and “spectacular.”

Reuters notes that MetaX uses virtual and augmented reality technology to create “experiential and immersive technologies.” So, it may be harder for Meta Platforms to separate themselves from it in the long run.

Since rebranding, this is not the first time that the company formerly known as Facebook has faced a lawsuit over its new name. Meta itself is a word that refers to abstract, high-level analysis. Meanwhile, the metaverse has existed in fictional use since 1992 after it was first used in the Sci-Fi novel Snow Crash by writer Neal Stephenson.

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