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Meta internal memo highlights goals and difficulty

In an internal memo, Meta is rallying employees for perilous times ahead and letting them know the direction it will be focusing on going forward.

According to The Verge, which obtained the message, Chris Cox, Meta’s chief product officer, has been tasked to build courage among employees.

The tone of the memo is serious and passes across the message that, at this stage, Meta cannot afford to misfire.

“I have to underscore that we are in serious times here and the headwinds are fierce. We need to execute flawlessly in an environment of slower growth, where teams should not expect vast influxes of new engineers and budgets,” part of Cox’s message read.

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The last part reiterates Meta’s decision to pause hiring because there has been slower growth revenue-wise. Many experts believe that the company’s ad income is suffering the most after the series of privacy concerns it has caused. And with that avenue all but wounded, the company has to set its sights on something else.

Cox mentioned that Meta is aggressively pursuing the following products: metaverse-related products, AI, community messaging, and Reels. Also, it will be looking for other ways to monetise its brand while meeting up with the new privacy requirements.

“These are the areas where we see the biggest opportunities for angle-changes in the value we can deliver for people, or businesses, or for our own business, by investing disproportionately relative to our current baseline,” Cox explained.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg will also be sharing more priorities, and the company’s overall outlook will be in an upcoming Q&A with employees.

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