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Lyft Enters The Car Rentals Market With Incentives For Renters

Lyft is most popular for its ride-hailing services, but it has now launched a car rentals service. The California based company also provides scooter, bicycle-sharing and food delivery services.


Its car rental service would first be provided in San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, California. People in the area will be able to access it via the Lyft Smartphone app. It will operate like traditional car rental services.


However, to entice new customers to the service, the mega-company is putting some incentives in place. Renters get $20 credits to pay for Lyft rides to and from the pickup and drop off locations.


Lyft logo. Photo: Business Insider.


Also, people who are 22 years old can use the service provided they have a valid driver’s license. Unlike traditional services that peg renters age limit at 25 in the area, except for some car models. This at even higher risk charge.

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This is not all, Lyft will not set a mileage limit and renters do not have to fill up the car tank when returning it. Passat in San Francisco goes for $35 per day according to The Verge. But this might change based on demand.


For the launch in San Francisco, the company provides the Volkswagen Atlas SUV and Volkswagen Passat sedan. While it allows the Mazda 3 sedan and Mazda CX-5 SUV in Los Angeles.


Although the year models are not specified, the cars will come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a great driving experience. It mentions supplying hybrid options for fleets in the future.


The company that currently operates in 644 United States and Puerto Rico cities gives three options to cover rentals. One is to cover personal injury and property, the other ($16/day for sedans and $25/day for SUVs) is for damage to the car. The third is a liability option of up to $1 million to cover third-party claims.


Lyft has been renting cars out to drivers as well as offering leases services, but car rental is a major shift.


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