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Leftover Ram: Five Quick Recipes To Make

As the holiday season draws to a close, you’re probably wondering what to do with all that leftover ram meat. Not to worry though, because we’re here again to give you a few amazing ram recipes to try out. Here are five different ways you can enjoy ram!


Five Quick Recipes To Make With Leftover Ram

1. Ram kebabs

ram leftovers kebabs
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Instead of just boiling or frying your mutton and putting it on rice, why not enjoy it on a stick? You can cut your ram meat into tiny pieces, put them on a skewer with your choice of garnishing and roast it. It makes an interesting and flavourful snack. Who says you can’t make street food at home?


2. Ram stir-fry

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Slice that tender ram meat into strips and stir-fry with veggies. You can enjoy this with pasta, rice or even yam! Stir-fries are healthy and packed with a wide range of nutrients. They are also very tasty. So go ahead and treat yourself.


3. Ram wrap

ram leftovers
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It is not only chicken and beef that can be used in shawarma. The tenderness of ram makes it perfect meat for your shawarma filling. You can make mini shawarmas with coleslaw, spreads and shredded ram meat. Just make your filling and pop the wrap in a toaster for a few minutes!


4. Mutton casserole

ramadaan recipes
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You can s***p the meat off the bones and make it into a hearty casserole for you and your family to fill up on. This is a one-pot dish that does not require too much attention. Make this thick sauce by boiling the veggies and potatoes in the mutton stock. You can serve this with rice or yam.


5. Stew

ram recipes
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A good way to use up leftover meat is to toss it into some spicy all-purpose stew. The oil in the stew will help develop and concentrate the natural flavour of the ram while adding a spicy kick to it. Eating this with rice or plain pasta will have you bleating with joy!


We hope you enjoyed your holidays. Again, Happy Eid from Plat4om!


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