You are currently viewing Breach is the African content platform rivaling Substack and Medium, see how to join

Breach is the African content platform rivaling Substack and Medium, see how to join

— Breach is an African content platform taking on Substack and Medium.
— The platform requires writers to undergo a vetting process of about 14 questions.
— There is no clear-cut monetisation process for creators.

Breach is an African content platform that is taking aim at the self publishing and citizen journalism industry that is dominated by Substack and Medium.

According to TechCabal‘s report on the company, it had started out as the educational resource arm of Nestcoin, a crypto company, before becoming a standalone content platform.

Breach appears to still be in the building stage as its website leaves much to be desired. However, a brief look at what it has to offer shows why it stands a chance to rival self publishing giants.

For one, its content are more relatable to Africans than what you will find if you opened Substack or Medium without searching for a particular piece, section, or applying any other filters. In addition, Breach offers content promotion to writers as well as editorial support.

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The company has 100,000 subscribers from its days as a crypto educational center and each of these readers have a chance to see your content if you join the platform early. Also, if you already have accounts on Medium or Substack, you can transfer your content without losing articles and even test Breach first, before leaving the rival website completely.

There is not yet a clear monetisation plan as the platform is still considering using the ‘tips’ feature which is available on Twitter, Patreon, and others. In addition, it is exploring ad space sponsorship as well.

The monetisation aspect of citizen journalism is the major problem and if Breach manages to solve this issue, it could win over many African writers who have not still found an easy way to mobetise on foreign platforms due to lack of proper cross-border financial support. Although, the many fintechs rising in Africa are providing solutions to receiving money from beyond the continent.

Joining Breach requires answering about 14 questions and interested creators would have to wait for nearly two weeks for response. The platform says that it will access writers’ proficiency and experience before approving their request to join.

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