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Australian Apple Workers Could Go On Strike Soon

— Apple workers in Australia could go on strike over salary negotiations.
— 150 of its 4,000 employees briefly went on strike in the middle of October, more could join this time around.
— Apple is currently the only big tech company successfully shaking off the economic crisis.

According to reports from Australia, Apple employees could go on strike again over pay and benefits deal. The reports take into account the results from a recent poll that saw about 87 percent of the company’s 4,000 workers participate. About 68 percent of the voters rejected the iPhone maker’s proposition.

The New York Times reported that about 150 Apple Store workers had gone on strike for an hour mid-October. The strike had been over this same issue, as executives failed to make headway in their negotiations.

Apple was offering its Australian employees a $17.35/hour pay, which was 17 percent more than the minimum wage. However, it was less than what the workers were making before. The company cited inflation as its reason for not being able to pay that much. Yet, American employees were getting $20/hour payment. Which is why their Australian colleagues were demanding the same thing.

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The latest report of a strike may be more severe than the mid-October version which saw only a small percentage of the company’s employees participate. This time around, members of other unions could partake in the walkout action. Although, for now, only the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union has mentioned that its Apple employees could strike (their members were the only ones that did so earlier).

A far more reaching strike would really hurt the Silicon Valley tech giant because it is poised as the only big tech company still in the positive despite rivals taking serious hits. Several analysts have been recommending Apple as the safe haven for big tech investments for the foreseeable future. So, the company would like nothing better than sorting out this mess quickly.

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