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Jeff Bezos Retains 75% Of Amazon Stake After Divorce Settlement

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On Thursday, 4th April 2019, Jeff Bezos and wife Mackenzie finalised their divorce. They will both be smiling to the bank after.


The couple got a divorce after racy texts between world’s richest man Jeff Bezos and American news anchor and actress Lauren Sanchez made it to the public.


Mackenzie Bezos will be getting four per cent of Amazon’s stock and will now be worth about $35 billion. The stake makes her one of the company’s four biggest shareholders. She is also going to join the top 30 richest people in the world.


She took to Twitter to leave a formal statement.



So did Jeff.



Jeff Bezos will remain the highest shareholder at Amazon by retaining 12% of the company. He is also still going to be the richest person in the world even after forfeiting 25% of his ownership. Worth about $115 billion, he is still 10% richer than Bill Gates who follows at number two on the world’s richest list.


Mackenzie Bezos will allow Jeff to continue controlling her shares. She also agrees to give him her interests in two of his other companies. They are Washington Post and Blue Origin, a space-travel and rocket company.


The Bezos’ announced their impending divorce after their 25-year marriage.

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