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Jeff Bezos Installs Bulletproof Panel In His Office After Threats To Security

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Recently divorced Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, reportedly installed bulletproof panels in his office. This is part of the company’s $1.6 million security operation. The company passed its protection bill in 2017.


The fibreglass panelling is reportedly strong enough to withstand repeated shots from a military assault gun. It also cost $180,000 to install. Amazon’s worldwide customer chief, Jeff Wilke, also had security panels installed in 2018. Wilke’s panels also had blast-resistant doors and panic buttons.


Oracle also spent about $1.6 million to keep its CEO, Larry Ellison, safe. In the same light, Uber spent $2 billion to secure its boss, Dara Khosrowshahi.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also had $22.6 million worth of protection in 2018.


There are speculations that Bezos might be spending more on security because there is a chance he is using his personal wealth to fund the rest of it.


Bezos, the richest man in the world, has faced some threats to his security already in 2019. Photos of him with his mistress, former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez, surfaced on the American paper, National Enquirer. The paper said it had tailed Sanchez and Bezos for four months on intimate dinner, diners and rides across states in the United States.


Texts exchanged between the two were also leaked by the paper. This made Bezos beef up his security several notches. He also got his head of security Gavin de Becker to investigate the case.


This revelation led to the divorce between Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos.

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