Instagram Clones Another Key TikTok Feature With ‘Remix’

Instagram Clones Another Key TikTok Feature With ‘Remix’

Instagram launched a TikTok-style function on its platform last year called Reels. The feature allows you to create videos spanning up to 15 seconds with audio and effects.


While Reels already has a bunch of features similar to those of TikTok, it’s mimicking yet another key function of the video music app. The Facebook-owned service announced today a new capability in Reels called Remix.


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Remix works like duet on TikTok. It is designed to let you create your own Reel that builds on an existing video from other users. This means you can record a clip next to another video as a sort of virtual collaboration. This capability is popular among TikTok users who like taking on dance challenges or responding to viral clips.


Instagram noted that Remix can help you capture your reaction to a video or collaborate with friends on the platform. To use the new feature, you can simply tap the three-dot menu on a clip and choose the “Remix this Reel” option. You can then create a Reel next to that video or upload a recorded clip.


The feature also provides some level of control. You can adjust the audio volume for the original clip or your own video and you can also add a voiceover. There are some editing tools as well like timer, effects, and speed.


Remix is available from today for new Reels and it’s turned on by default. That said, you can also manually enable the feature for older clips.



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