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IBM And AT&T Partner To Provide 5G Via Cloud Satellite

IBM will be providing enterprises with 5G technologies in a new partnership with network company, AT&T. The partnership will include IBM’s Cloud Satellite, Red Hat OpenShift, and AT&T networks.


Enterprise customers will be able to manage their applications over a hybrid cloud environment while enjoying the performance of 5G connectivity.


IBM Cloud Satellite allows customers to access IBM’s cloud and security services in any location. It is a framework built on Red Hat OpenShift. With this running on 5G provided by AT&T, clients stand to benefit alot and drive innovations in their businesses. For example, the speed that 5G brings will improve users experience and make business processes as well. Also, it can also provide new sources of income for business owners.

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In the words of Howard Boville, SVP of IBM Hybrid Cloud, “the advancements in 5G and edge are impacting every single industry, bringing the promise of enhanced experiences for consumers and new revenue opportunities for businesses. Together with AT&T, we will be helping clients securely leverage 5G and edge offerings in any environment with IBM’s open and secure hybrid cloud platform. This marks a significant step forward increasing the possibilities of 5G and edge in the enterprise.”


IBM will offer the service on a single dashboard that can manage services across multiple clouds and billions of edge devices. It will also give clients the best security. The partnership with AT&T appears to be IBM holding up its end of a deal that both companies struck about a year ago. AT&T had moved earlier moved majority of its internal workloads to IBM Cloud.


Also, IBM has been working with Vodafone, Verizon and Bharti Airtel to completely redesign its software on Red Hat OpenShift. The giant firm has also worked to develop 5G enabled IoT technologies for industrial sector.


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