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Human-Sized Giant Jellyfish Discovered Underwater

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Two divers have taken a photo of a giant barrel jellyfish that appears as big as humans. They found this very rare creature underwater off the coast of Cornwall in South West, England.


Underwater cinematographer, Dan Abbott captured the image of the exquisite sea creature. He also photographed Lizzie Daly, a wildlife biologist, swimming beside the human-sized giant jellyfish.


According to Daly, the jellyfish appeared out of the water and looked bigger than anyone she had ever seen. He explained further that they swam beside it for about an hour before they finally left it to go about its business.


Giant Jellyfish Human-Sized Giant Jellyfish


Daly said, “It humbles you to be alongside an animal that size. It’s an experience we’ll never forget.”


The barrel jellyfish, also called the dustbin-lid jellyfish, is the largest species of jellyfish. It resides off the coast of the UK. It has eight arms with stinging tentacles, and it is very rare to find humans swimming with them.


The pair of divers found the human-sized giant jellyfish while they were about in the sea on the last day of an event started by Daly. The Wild Ocean Week is a fundraising event done to inspire people to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society in the UK.


According to Daly, the week aims to help people see the wildlife around them. It was, of course, a very pleasant turn of event for her to have personally found the giant jellyfish during such a significant time.


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