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Huawei Announces 32T: Small 5G Base Station Units That Take 60 Seconds To Install

Huawei again proves its leadership in the 5G technology race by unveiling smaller and lighter 5G units that require only 60 seconds to install. Also, installing these units is a one-person job, see details of Huawei 32T 5G base station in this article.


In a Tweet this morning, Huawei announced this latest innovation in the 5G technology space. It accompanied the announcement with video analysis. The company says that making 5G units easier to install, and in lesser time, is important because of the speed at which the tech world moves.


See its tweet below:


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This improvement in 5G tower units is important because the technology requires more of it installed around residential areas to work effectively. They should be as unobstructive as possible. Unlike the previous 4G and 3G towers of which fewer were needed and network providers could thus install gigantic structures sparsely.


With these Huawei smaller and lighter 5G units, they can do without the need for heavy machinery and lots of manpower for installation. The company was able to achieve these more portable units by incorporating innovative technologies.


The coming Huawei 32T 5G base station units will use; unique algorithms, massive MIMO (multiple-input) and (multiple-output), artificial intelligence, and space-age materials. It will weigh about 24.5kg and this allows it to be installed in even the most difficult of sites. For example, Huawei mentions that it has installed the 32T 5G base station on Mount Everest.


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