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How To Watch The Google Pixel 4 Event

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We have reached the time of the year when top technology companies introduce their latest and (hopefully) greatest devices. So far, we have heard from Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Now it’s Google’s turn.


Google is currently live at its anticipated Pixel 4 event. There have been a lot of leaks, with some media companies even calling it the most leaked device ever.


According to rumours, the phones will be missing the much-disliked notch, will include a square bump for the upgraded camera, face unlock, new gesture abilities, and a sleeker design. As for the rest of the features, we will find out soon enough.


Live stream: Google is live-streaming the event for desktop viewing, or you can stream the event on YouTube. If you are interested in watching the event, click play below and watch the Google Pixel 4 event live.


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