You are currently viewing “He Tried to Get Down with Our House help”- Sina Rambo’s Wife Spills More Dirt on Her Husband

“He Tried to Get Down with Our House help”- Sina Rambo’s Wife Spills More Dirt on Her Husband

Sina Rambo’s wife Heidi Adeleke has laid fresh allegations against the Governor of Osun State’s son on Instagram.

"He Tried to Get Down with Our House help"- Sina Rambo's Wife Spills More Dirt on Her Husband
Photo of Sina Rambo and his wife

The mother of one accused him of attempting to sleep with their house help.

Recall that Korth had earlier accused him of physically assaulting her and being impoverished.

Reiterating that she has divorced him and wouldn’t turn her back on her decision, she shamed him for his action. She further mocked Sina Rambo’s for being immatured.

“Yes o! Someone who tried to get down with the house help? I don’t want him back o. Dirty man. I am beyond DISGUSTED!!! And I am NEVER going back. My family are behind me. And I will be fine. Continue being a pot head with no sense at 34”.

Heidi Adeleke’s Instagram statement alleging that her husband almost slept with the househelp
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In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Korth revealed how she had been feeding and taking care of the bills of Sina Rambo. She claimed that the Adelekes wealth is all a facade as she is the breadwinner of their family.

Dragging the upcoming singer and Governor son, she told him to pay her the money he owes her.

Korth, shared a disturbing video of the aftermath of Sina Rambo’s violent attack on her. The son of Governor Ademola Adeleke had destroyed her door and inflicted injuries on her.

Through his lawyers, the Governor’s son issued a statement debunking the reports, which he claimed are false. He described the allegations as baseless and lies that have no iota of truth in them.

His lawyer described Sina Rambo as an upstanding and respectable member of the society who holds family values dear to his heart.

Read the statement below,

Singer Sina Rambo Counters Wife's Claims Of Domestic Violence In New Statement
Screenshot of Sina Rambo’s statement debunking allegations that he is an abusive husband


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