You are currently viewing Google to pay $118 million settlement in class action gender discrimination case

Google to pay $118 million settlement in class action gender discrimination case

Google is in settlement talks to pay $118 million to about 15,500 women in a class action gender discrimination lawsuit. In addition to this, the search company will agree to an independent economist looking over its hiring and payment processes.

According to The Vergethe lawsuit dates back to a 2017 accusation from three women about being paid lower than their male counterparts. This practice is in violation of the Equal Pay Act in California and the accusation says that the wage gap was about $17,000.

In addition, the women complained that the company stunted women’s growth career-wise to keep them in lower earning jobs. Soon, many more women joined the lawsuit and eventually got a favourable verdict in 2021.

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One of the plaintiffs, Holly Pease, said after their victory, “As a woman who’s spent her entire career in the tech industry, I’m optimistic that the actions Google has agreed to take as part of this settlement will ensure more equity for women. Google, since its founding, has led the tech industry. They also have an opportunity to lead the charge to ensure inclusion and equity for women in tech.”

The other details of the settlement involves no admission or findings, according a statement from Google. Also, while the settlement agreement has been reached, a judge still needs to approve it at a hearing later in June, although, the tech giant does not envisage any other upsets.

Google’s treatment of workers is not so different from what has been going on with other firms like Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and Twitter, when it comes to unequal pay.

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