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Google Set to Unveil Video Game

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Google’s video game

Last October, Google tested its first online game technology with selected participants who were given the chance to play ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ in their Google Chrome browser.

With speedy internet, a Google account, a Ubisoft account, a computer with a recent version of Chromea and a wired USB, users could stream online from October last year until January this year.

This was what the streaming project looked like:

The beta version which was called Project Stream, was reportedly successful. It was also available to US users only.

This month, Google will reveal the details about the gaming project at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, United States.

The game streaming service will be subscription-based and could work on Google’s Chromecast or a Google-made console.

The new hardware is going to feature a game streaming service that would be powered by Google’s Project Stream technology.

The project which is now code-named “Yeti” might be Google’s way of attracting game developers to the platform.


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