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Google is Your Friend: An Interesting Rhetoric

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The internet age has made life very easy for us, sometimes, maybe too easy.

If you wake up one day and realize that you had a headache, you will most likely look it up on the internet.

Grammar, spelling errors, the meaning of words, symptoms, fashion tips, latest news, trends, music; you name it. The internet is always at your beck and call, ready to give you all the answers. But not unlike the Nigerian Police, is Google really your friend?

We look back now and we cannot imagine how we lived without the internet. Even Quora helps you get answers to abstract questions. You can even look up where your friend lives and what their street looks like at night (a little creepy, I know).

It is undeniable, the amazing assistance we can receive especially with Google directing you to search engines like ‘Web MD’ or ‘NHS’ when you explain that you have a rash. It then becomes a case of whether you are going to die in two days, or you have a communicable disease that could potentially wipe out your generation.

There are also constant ads following you everywhere on your phone immediately something crosses your mind.

A colleague once alleged that Google listens to us. To be fair, she isn’t the only one who thinks this way. You are on a weight loss journey and you mistakenly discuss pizza with your friends, now you have pizza ads everywhere from your browser to your social media apps. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

Technology makes our life easier but also have adverse effects on communication and our dependence on others. You no longer need to be vulnerable, there are memes on the internet to lighten your mood. You can now tell your mom that your baby does not need herbs because the internet doctor says they are dangerous. The life of celebrities or daily horoscopes are now a philosophy to live by.

The internet is really an interesting place and we cannot help but acknowledge the positives and…. the not-so positive.


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