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Gigi Hadid Stuns On Vogue Czechoslovakia’s May 2019 Cover (PHOTOS)

Gigi Hadid makes it as the cover girl of Vogue Czechoslovakia’s May 2019 issue. She poses in front of the lens of supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen in three nature-themed images.


In the first cover, the blonde channels her western vibes. She sports a brown look with a Tonak hat. To complete the nature vibe, her blonde hair is tied in two messy-chic ponytails. In total, this completes the natural but flawless ensemble.




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The second cover has Gigi Hadid looking one-with-nature. With a large floral bouquet cradled in her hand, she poses in a Dries Van Noten coat paired with a Bottega Veneta jacket. Also, her loose hair gives her a more natural look.




Finally, the third cover captures her in a more abstract image. This appears on a limited-edition cover shot on expired Polaroid film.


Gigi Hadid on Vogue Czechoslovakia May 2019 Cover

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