You are currently viewing “Game Of Thrones Season 8”: How To Legally Watch Episodes In Nigeria

“Game Of Thrones Season 8”: How To Legally Watch Episodes In Nigeria

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George R.R. Martins has been able to draw the world into a fantasy universe with the Games of Thrones series. Adapted from his series of books, A Song of Ice and Fire, the TV shows have had fans transfixed. The most interesting part, arguably, is the constant killing of your favourite characters.


The final season, “Winter is Coming”, is the eighth one. After seven other seasons, fans are seriously anticipating what will finally happen to the ones you love the most. It can be unnerving to know what will become the fate of the throne.


The first episode of the final season aired on HBO yesterday Sunday, 14th April 2019, in the United States.


Even though people in the US can watch it on HBO packages, they are not available in Nigeria and will not let you get access to the sites here.


Fans who have seen the first episode in the US are a little upset because the first episode was just about 50 minutes long. However, the other episodes will be 80 minutes long.


The last episode will air on 19th May as this season has only 7 episodes to the dismay of many fans. The people who aren’t GOT fans would be happy about this; they don’t have to be tortured for too long.


How to view Game of Thrones in Nigeria

However, there are ways you can view Game of Thrones in Nigeria if you are looking to ditch torrent downloads. Here is how you can watch legally.


Tonight, 15th April 2019 at 7 pm, a premier event will hold at Harbour Point Victoria Island for the first episode of season 8 will hold. Johnny Walker serves to fans as they catch the show. This is brought by DSTV Premium in partnership with White Walker by Johnnie Walker. It is a strictly by invitation event, and you can get a ticket by simply sending a DM to @Johnniewalkerng and @DStvng on social media.


To catch the show weekly in Nigeria, you will need to subscribe to DStv Premium. You can then tune into M-Net channel 101 on DSTV at 2 am on Monday mornings to watch live. There is a repeat at 9 pm on Mondays on the same channel.


As you anticipate the next episode next week, watch a preview of episode 2 below:

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