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Funny Answers To “What Came First: The Chicken Or Egg?”

Some would say the egg came first; others would say it’s the chicken. Then when you think about it again, it makes sense for the chicken to come first to lay the egg. However, there needs to be an egg for there to be a chicken. But how would there be an egg if the chicken doesn’t lay it? If you are as confused as we are, then you’re not alone.


What Came First: The Chicken or Egg?

Robert Krulwich NPR


This is one traditional question that has plagued many minds. To clarify, it has been plaguing minds that have the time to actually think about things like this – minds like ours. There’s no harm in pondering on things that seem to make no sense. If you often lie awake at nights having quandaries on such matters, then here lies your answers. These answers are similarly stupid answers to this century-long stupid question.

Robert Krulwich NPR


Funny Answers from Atelier

1. @Icytips
Chicken. Obviously, they came in the alien spaceship in a failed attempt to take over the earth.


2. @Thornstripe
The chicken…the chicken made the egg by pre-martial ejaculation (Spell check it if I got it wrong!)


The chicken. It told the egg a funny joke, and he cracked up and died.


Obviously, it is neither, for Dinosaurs came before chickens and eggs. The dinosaurs fell down into the middle of nowhere from Mars. They mated and made more dinosaurs. But, the food they ate on Mars was not on Earth, so they all died. End of story.


Egg sitting on the hen house fence smoking a cigarette. Another egg came along and said, “Boy, you sure look happy. What’s the occasion?” The egg smoking the cigarette blows a smoke ring and says, “I just got laid.” Bada-Boom!


The universe exploded and created a bunch of galaxies which are constantly drifting further and further away.


We live in a barred spiral galaxy, I think. The cells did weird-a*s sh*t and grew into stuff and kept on growing into weird-a*s sh*t like spiders and stuff, okie. Then it was dinosaurs and stuff and they died from the meteor or ice age or whatever the fvck happened, I don’t care. Then the surviving thingies evolved into stuff and eventually us. I’m smart please.



None because chickens don’t exist 🙂


For a not so stupid answer, NPR’s Robert Krulwich stumbled across the video below to answer the big traditional question.


So, according to this, what came first is a different kind of chicken-egg? Now, that’s another question for another article?


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