You are currently viewing Former Miss Tourism Accuses Ned Nwoko Of Jailing Her Father Over His Land Grabbing Ambitions

Former Miss Tourism Accuses Ned Nwoko Of Jailing Her Father Over His Land Grabbing Ambitions

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Pamela Ifejoku, Miss Tourism 2019 has accused billionaire and husband actress Regina Daniels Ned Nwoko of using the police to persecute and jail her father over his land-grabbing ambitions in their community.

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In a teary video posted to Twitter, Pamela Ifejoku appealed to Nigerians to come to her aid. She alleges that Nwoko instructed the police to incarcerate her father for months because her community refused to give him more landed property for his real estate projects.


According to the story, Ned Nwoko wanted more land for a proposed university and golf course building projects. But the community—Idumeje-Ugboko in Delta state— refused to grant him his requests as he’d built a sprawling mansion on the previous 33 hectares he was given.

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Pamela Ifejoku in her thread said Ned Nwoko commenced intimidating indigenes of Idumeje-Ugboko via several means including the state police.


Her father, being the President of her community union has suffered the most of Nwoko’s harshest persecutions she said.

“Sometime in 2017, Ned Nwoko instigated a crisis in Idumuje Ugboko Community in Delta State, as a result of the community’s firm refusal to give him additional 90 hectares of land, having mismanaged the over hectares earlier giving to him”

In the ensuing crisis, it was alleged that one Cyprian Kumaorun was killed. While this was ongoing, my Father Mr. Okey Ifejoku was several kilometres away in Asaba. He was neither present at the scene of the crisis nor participated in any alleged fight.”


By virtue of Mr. Okey Ifejoku’s (My father) position as the President of the Idumuje Ugboko Development Union, he has borne the greatest oppression from Ned Nwoko.


Ned Nwoko has unlawfully used the instruments of state, particularly the Nigeria police in Delta State and Abuja, to oppress the helpless members of the Idumuje-Ugboko Community.”

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“In 2017, Ned Nwoko prompted the Police in Delta State to file Charge Number: A/240C/2017, at the High Court of Delta State, against Ochei Nnamdi and Ofonye Ufoh, for the alleged murder of Cyprian Kumaorun. This charge was held on the merit and the defendants were acquitted.”


Not done, Ned Nwoko, once again, prompted the police to file charge no: MI/24C/2020, at the magistrate court of Delta State, Isele-Uku, against his own king (Obi Chukwunonso Nwoko), Mr. Okey Ifejoku (My Father) and four other innocent members of the community……”


…for the alleged murder of Cyprian Kumaorun. The charge was sent to the DPP of Delta State, who advised that the defendants had no case to answer. On the basis of the DPP’s legal advise, the charge was struck out.”

Ned Nwoko with his 6th wife and actress Regina Daniels and their son Munir

She said that the courts struck out the case against her father. He was however re-arrested on Ned Nwoko’s prompting by the police and incarcerated in Abuja for almost five months.

Their case was later charged to court and they were again granted bail. However, as soon as Ifejoku and the others exited the court buildings, police officers from FCID again rounded them up and jailed them. She also said the youth community leader has been in prison since November 2020 upon Nwoko’s orders.


Okey Ifejoku was later transferred to Delta State Police Command Asaba where he is still currently held.


According to Pamela Ifejoku, her father was miles away in Asaba when Cyprian Kamaorun was killed. The thread also states that the courts have also acquitted her father of the crime. However, Ned Nwoko continues his persecution of her father and other indigenes of her community by imprisoning them with the help of the police.


Ned Nwoko is yet to respond to the allegations as of the time of this report.



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