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Forbes And PiplSay Face Backlash Over Negative Tesla Cybertruck News

Yesterday, 19th December 2019, Forbes magazine published a tech article on how many people don’t like the new Tesla Cybertruck. The survey article that starts with the word ‘Bad News’ had faced criticism on Twitter.


In a bold claim, the famous magazine published on its online page that the vehicle didn’t have many fans. This was allegedly based on another article from PiplSay. The market research firm mentioned that they had run a poll of 21,143 American consumers.


Its result is that only 29 percent of respondents had something positive to say about Cybrtrk.


This is in direct contrast to what Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk said early this month. The billionaire had boasted of already receiving over 250,000 preorders for the vehicle that is expected in 2021.


As noted by Forbes, people only have to pay a fully refundable $100 in advance for the reservation. Which is quite affordable and maybe the reason why pre-order numbers are so high.


PiplSay’s survey revealed that the average American consumer is not actually eager about the truck. The fame of the futuristic vehicle was confirmed when 44 percent of the approached people agreed that they knew of the truck.

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Meanwhile, nine percent agreed that Cybrtrk would likely bring further innovations in automobile design.


The article claimed that 71 percent reacted negatively or indifferently when asked about the truck. Thus, the article concluded that the fans of the electric vehicle were limited. Although, some responded that they would prefer it if it were smaller.


But, despite some of the reasonable arguments in the article, fans of Tesla’s Cybertruck have lashed out at Forbes on Twitter. Even with the botched unveiling where the bulletproof glass shattered under test, there are still people who love it.


The interior of Tesla Cybertruck, cybrtrk.


See some of these reactions here:





We wait to see when it will enter the market and how it’s sales will go.


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