You are currently viewing “Finding Hubby” Spotlights Societal Pressure On Women To Get Married

“Finding Hubby” Spotlights Societal Pressure On Women To Get Married

“Finding Hubby” tells the tale of 35-year-old Oyin Clegg (Ade Laoye) and her friends Toke and Gloria who are on a quest to get a good man they can settle down with."Finding Hubby" Opens Up On Societal Pressure On Women To Get Married

Directed by Femi Ogunsanwo, “Finding Hubby” is a December 2020 film that is based on the 25-episode blog series of the same name from Tunde Leye.  Munachi Abii, Kehinde Bankole, Charles Etubiebi, Efa Iwara, and Tina Mba also feature in this film.

Whether it is societal and family pressure, there is the notion that a woman is a spring chicken that will get old with time.  Women are constantly under pressure to get married and have children. In this film, Oyin Clegg who is doing well in her job misses opportunities for growth in her career because she is single.

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The storyline is just cliche, it appears that Nollywood is out to flog the issue of women looking for husbands. What about a storyline where the men are all out to look for wives?. The film also lacked suspense and seemed predictable to a large extent.

For characterisation, I give it to the actors for a job well done. From the main character to the supporting acts, they all did a splendid job.

So if you are a single lady who is interested in “Finding hubby”,  you would most likely relate to this film. It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

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