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Find My Device: Apple’s AirTags Best In Class Bluetooth Tracker Out There

Apple’s AirTags has been around for roughly 3 months now, offering to find your device capabilities. The Bluetooth enabled Tile-like device track your personal and treasured devices.

Apple AirTag best device tracker

This device is an easy way to track your stuff, attach to your keys and more. The AirTags are sold for around $29 or $99 depending on the quantity users buy.  The small circular tag can be paired with the “Find My” app on iOS to track items.

For the specifications, the find my device accessory has an accelerometer, built-in speaker and a replaceable battery inside in a tiny frame. Apple has extra accessories for the AirTags, they have leather loops and key rings.

AirTags find my device tracker

The AirTag is powered by Apple’s own U1 chip, which uses an ultra-wideband technology, haptic feedback and sound to show users precisely where their stuff is.

Tile Item Tracker - A Review of the New Bluetooth Tracking Device

Tile has been the King of the tracking world for missing items. Retailing for $35, and higher depending on the specs. Apparently, Apple is positioning the AirTag to disrupt the market with its improved tech and specs.

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For starters, the Tile doesn’t have an ultra-wideband for AR-assisted finding, but the AirTags do.  Although the Tiles app work across all the operating systems, AirTags don’t.

Refurbished: Samsung SmartThings Tracker for Verizon LTE - White -

Another worthy competitor in the market is Samsung’s Galaxy SmarTags, part of its smartThings system. It retails for $39 and has lesser battery life than its competitors. The Apple AirTag has an IP67 rating while the other tracking devices do not.

An exceptional trick Apple has on its sleeve is the iPhone numerous network of devices. AirTags use this when they are not within the Bluetooth range of their owners iPhones to track items.

Considering pricing and features, the AirTag blows the competition out of the water. It relies heavily on Apple’s seamless ecosystem and excellent technology.

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