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SmartThings: Samsung’s Home Energy Efficient System Explained


Samsung’s SmartThings is its Home platform interference, which is energy efficient and uses a lot of other connected devices. Quite different from Apple’s Homekit and Google’s Amazon, SmartThings utilizes all of the compatible products from these companies.



The SmartThings Hub is Samsung’s only in-house device, used for all connectivity. The South Korean company bought SmartThings for $200 million in 2014.


If you have tons of Samsung products, then it makes sense to use its SmartThing platform. Especially if you own a Samsung smartphone, which has all its features unknown to you.


Samsung SmartThings app gets UI overhaul - news


You don’t have a Samsung phone, but want to try out the SmartThings? That’s fine, the mobile app is available on both Andriod and iOS App stores.


Also available on its smart televisions, you can control your home appliances using Google’s assistant, Alexa, or Samsung’s Bixby.


SmartThings | Apps & Services | Samsung AFRICA_EN


The SmartThings feature helps you remotely manage your lightning, Door, security devices, media appliances, Sensors, Kitchen, and wiring appliances.  To be sure of which gadgets support, kindly visit this page, where Samsung lists its supported gadgets.


Samsung just like Apple aims to have an integrated ecosystem using the SmartThings platform for its smartwatches, TVs, Kitchen gears, and other smart appliances.


Samsung SmartThings Find helps you find lost Galaxy devices - TechRepublic


It uses its SmartThings Find feature to look for its Samsung devices, and its SmartThing tags to find exactly where these devices are located. This is almost the same technology that powers Apple’s Tags.


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Another feature SmartThings has been pushing these past years is energy efficiency. It can now help you save energy and reduce your electricity bills.



The South Korean company made the feature available in its country of origin and allowed support to the U.S in 2019. SmartThings energy analyses your electricity data, to make optimal decisions.


Users can use this feature on the SmartThings app, from where they can observe their energy consumption, set targets for their smart appliances. Ultimately, reducing energy bills, and keeping energy consumption under a limit.



Samsung this year, integrated the SmartThings feature to Car’s Andriod Auto system, the Mercedes Benz has this feature.



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