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Did You Know Dubstep Music Could Protect You Against Mosquito Bites?

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Skrillex’s Dubstep music is about to become even more popular.


Mosquitos are one of the major problems that we have in this part of the world. Mosquitoes prevent us from having a good night sleep. They can also transmit diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, encephalitis (West Nile, La Crosse, St. Louis, western equine and eastern equine), filariasis, chikungunya, tularemia, Ross River fever and Barmah Forest fever.


Sounds painful, doesn’t it?


A research scientific research has revealed that dubstep music is a mosquito repellent. Apparently, a way to avoid mosquito bites is to listen to electronic music by US artist Skrillex.


According to research by a team of international scientists, the sound is important for the survival and reproduction of many animals.


These scientists who specialise in mosquitoes and the diseases they carry subjected adult species of yellow fever mosquitos to electronic music. They tested to see if it would work as a repellent. It worked.



They chose a dubstep track by Skrillex titled Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, named after his Grammy award-winning album. They chose it because of its mix of very high and very low frequencies.


The scientists posited that low-frequency sounds facilitate s****l interactions and noise disrupts it. Female mosquitos exposed to dubstep music were slower to attack hosts than those that were not.


They say playing the music reduced the presence of “blood feeding” activity. The mosquitos’ drive for s*x was also very reduced.


Mosquitos do not seem to like songs that win Grammys. It also looks like Skrillex might be getting some new dubstep music fans from this part of the world.

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