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DeviantArt Launches Tool To Protect Artists From AI Image Generators

Artist community, DeviantArt, is launching a protection tool for creators to prevent AI image generators from using their work. With the increasing popularity of tools like text-to-image generators from scraping their content and reproducing it.

TechCrunch reports that art-housing platforms like Newgrounds, PurplePort and Getty Images have banned AI systems from using work by artists that they respresent. However, DeviantArt is taking a more diplomatic approach.

“AI technology for creation is a powerful force we can’t ignore. . . . It would be impossible for DeviantArt to try to block or censor this art technology,” Moti Levy, the company’s CEO said. “We see so many instances where AI tools help artists’ creativity, allowing them to express themselves in ways they could not in the past. That said, we believe we have a responsibility to all creators. To support AI art, we must also implement fair tools and add protections in this domain.”

So, its solution is to allow artists decided for themselves if they want their work to be available to AI systems or not.

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The DeviantArt protection tool will use an HTML tag to prevent bots that crawl pages for images from downloading images with permissions turned off.

Artists have complained that some of their work have been spotted, being reproduced by computers, without credit or compensation. That is not all, some have mentioned that their work was used to produce images that they do not agree with, likely because they are offensive and sometimes, poorly made.

The truth is, as soon as the AI has been trained on an artist’s work, the creator has no control over how it will be adapted or used.

Besides offering protection to artists and their work, DeviantArt has designed its own AI image generator, DreamUp, which it claims will be safe and fair.

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