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Whoop Making Wearable Device To Detect Premature Birth, See How It Will Work

Whoop is working on a wearable device that can predict premature birth. The device is likely still a concept but the company said that it relies on change in heart rate to reach its conclusion.

“Accessible, noninvasive screening options for premature birth can serve as early warning signs for pregnant people, giving them more time to find and administer interventions to improve health outcomes,” chief medical officer of Axia Women’s Health, Elizabeth Cherot said.

Quoting the above to show why its innovation is essential, Whoop says that the device will calculate how much and often the wearer’s heart rate changes. It believes that this metric is important to detect shifts in the body and how it affects the nervous system.

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If the heart rate variability is hire, the company says that this means that the body is adapting well to different situations and adjusting the heart accordingly. A lower variability would mean the opposite.

Whoop gathered a team of researchers to come up with its data in April and they studied 18 pregnant women. The data showed that the heart rate variability was usually lower until seven weeks before delivery, that is when it increases. The company then expanded its research to cover 241 pregnant women and the new data also supported the results from the first set.

The wearable device maker concludes that inflection point could tell when a woman will deliver and if it shows up earlier than the expected date, it could mean premature birth.

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