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Daddy Freeze Calls Out Pastor Who Buys Wife Lamborghini

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Daddy Freeze is at it again. He reacted to a pastor’s gesture of buying a $200,000 (about N71.88 million) Lamborghini for his wife. The controversial on-air personality calls out “shrine goers” and tells them not to be ignorant of what Pastors do with their money. He said,

“Hello shrine goers, see what your ‘babalawos’ are using your money for.”

Daddy Freeze


John Gray is the reality star and South Carolina preacher at Relentless Church in Greenville. He bought the Lamborghini for his wife and then asked members of his congregation to contribute $250,000 to fix the church’s roof. He defended the expensive gift on social media and gave an explanation saying,

“Not a nickel, not a penny, from this church went towards the gift that I gave my wife.”


John and Aventer Gray


His wife, Aventer Gray, responded to criticism raised over the expensive gift. She took to her on her Instagram page and wrote,

“I don’t see anyone screaming about how basketball players drive what they do while you paying $$$ to see them play in arenas and on fields. We don’t live for people; we live for God. Back to my regularly scheduled grocery store trip. Happy Sunday.”


The South Carolina preacher explained to his congregation that the church had been in debt earlier. According to him, it was in debt before he took over the church from the former Pastor Ron Carpenter. He said,

“We didn’t take an easy assignment. If we wanted an easy assignment, we would start from scratch without millions of dollars in debt. We took the assignment because we knew God has given us the right people to build with. I believe the best days of Relentless Church are in front of it.”


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