You are currently viewing Court Finds R. Kelly Guilty On 6 Counts Of Child P*********y

Court Finds R. Kelly Guilty On 6 Counts Of Child P*********y

Embattled American singer R. Kelly has been found guilty of committing s*x offenses, including as creating images depicting child s****l abuse and pressuring juveniles into s*x acts.

Court Finds R.Kelly Guilty On 6 Counts Of Child P*********y

The 12-member jury found the singer guilty on six of the 13 charges against him on Wednesday, September 14.

He was found guilty of coercing three minors into criminal s****l activity and producing three child s****l abuse videos, all of which prosecutors said involved the same 14-year-old girl.

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R. Kelly was also acquitted of attempting to obstruct an earlier investigation into his abuse. The jury also found him not guilty of receiving child s****l abuse imagery and conspiring to receive such imagery as part of an alleged scheme to recover missing videotapes.

Meanwhile Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown, his two co-defendants, were acquitted of all charges.

Kelly business manager McDavid was also found not guilty by the jury after being charged with working with Kelly to fix the 2008 trial.

Furthermore Brown,
a longtime Kelly associate, was found not guilty of obtaining child p**n.
Based on that sentence, he won’t be eligible for release until he is around 80.
Despite allegations of s****l abuse dating back more than three decades, R. Kelly’s conviction in June marked the first time he had been charged with a crime in connection with those allegations.
The conviction from Wednesday in Chicago might lengthen that prison term by years.
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