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Coronavirus: Apple To Suspend iPhone 9 And 12 Release Date Indefinitely

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Rumours have it that the release of the iPhone 9 has been suspended indefinitely due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will most likely be canceled as Santa Clara which is to host the event has banned gatherings of more than 1000 people. This might also affect its proposed launch of iOS 14.


Coronavirus is badly affecting Apple’s supply line in China which is where the disease first broke out. Sources say Apple has a tentative time table for when mass production may begin. However, the company is unwilling to commit to a date because of the changing situation of the outbreak.


The delay will mean Apple cannot bring in new customers into its ecosystem because it cannot sell them new hardware. The iPhone 9 would have afforded it the opportunity to do so. This delay will furthermore impact its revenue as the company itself predicted at the start of the coronavirus outbreak.


Tech analyst and Youtuber, Jon Prosser claims in his Youtube video to have an inside scoop on the issue. He further claims his sources say that Apple is “ trying to outrun the virus.”


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The delays are not limited to the iPhone 9 as it will also affect the iPhone 12. According to a Bloomberg report, citing a Bank of America analyst note, the iPhone 12 launch could be delayed a month. This report is based on conversations with supply chain expert Elliot Lan.


Apple’s biggest supply partners, Foxconn do not expect to return to full capacity at its factories in China till the end of March 2020.


A Digitimes report says that iPhone 12 will most likely be delayed until October 2020. Also, travel restrictions placed on its engineers makes them unable to conduct various verification tests. This is important because its first 5G iPhone will need the data before its mass production begins.


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