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  •, a Chinese e-commerce company, is developing an industrial chatbot named ChatJD, which will be focused on retail and finance.
  • The chatbot will use the “125” plan, which consists of 1 platform, 2 fields (retail and finance), and 5 applications, as its roadmap.
  • The company has not yet announced a timeline for the launch of ChatJD., an e-commerce giant in China, has teased that it will release an industrial ChatGPT that will be known as ChatJD. It is just one of the many Chinese tech companies competing to launch their own AI versions of the now popular chatbot.


The chatbot will be focused on retail and finance, although, it is not clear if this will affect its capability to answer questions not relating to these two fields.


“ChatJD will quickly reach the standards for landing applications through deep cultivation in vertical industries, and will continue to promote the generalization between different industries to form more general-purpose industrial versions of ChatGPT and build a flywheel of data and models to subdivide, real, and professional scenarios Improve the platform capabilities day by day, and finally feed back and improve the industrial application capabilities of the general ChatGPT,” the company’s statement on a Chinese website reads.

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It says that that the chatbot will will use the ‘125’ plan as its roadmap, which includes:

– 1 platform, which is the ChatJD intelligent human-computer base for understanding and generating tasks. This platform will be able to process natural language and come with a parameter volume of hundreds of billions.

– 2 fields, which is retail and finance. This aspect of the chatbot will leverage the e-commerce’s 10-year cloud database of real scenarios in the retail and financial fields.

– 5 applications, which are content generation, man-machine dialogue, user intent understanding, information extraction, and emotion classification.


ChatJD "125" plan to take on ChatGPT
ChatJD “125” plan to take on ChatGPT has not revealed a timeline for when it will launch its take on the chatbot innovations. While it bids its time, Microsoft is bundling ChatGPT with almost everything it has, from its office suite of apps to its corporate cloud business and more recently, its search engine and browser.


Even Google has entered the foray with its own Bard AI, which we expect it to bundle with several of its existing products as well. Alibaba, another e-commerce giant in China, has teased a version of ChatGPT that is focused on cloud computing.


With more takes on AI chatbots emerging, we anticipate a boom in 2023 that will see tasks accomplished faster.


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