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Opera Web Browser To Integrate ChatGPT

Summary: Opera, the world’s sixth most used web browser, is set to integrate ChatGPT, according to its parent company Kunlun Tech. This integration will likely happen soon, but there are few details available at the moment.


The Opera web browser may be the next company to integrate ChatGPT, according to a statement by its parent company, Kunlun Tech. Although there are few details available about when this integration will occur and what users can expect, it is likely to happen soon.


When Microsoft announced that it was bundling the OpenAI product with its search engine, Bing, and web browser, Edge, it revealed details about the benefits of the integration. With OpenAI’s tools not being exclusive to Microsoft, it was only a matter of time before other web companies incorporated them into their products.

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Opera, which is the world’s sixth most used browser, will likely see an increase in usage when it launches a new browser powered by ChatGPT. However, Google has also hinted at opening up its BARD AI API to developers, and several other companies are working on rival AI tools as well. You may also like to read some benefits of using Opera browser here.


Opera Crypto Browser | Desktop & mobile Web3 browser | Opera
Opera announced a web3 feature that benefits crypto traders.


By the end of 2023, there will likely be significant improvements in the AI space with regards to content generation and large language models. However, OpenAI’s focus on monetizing its products may push many developers and users towards Google.


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