Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos Flight To Space And Back Was Successful

Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos Flight To Space And Back Was Successful

Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos went on a passenger ride to space this morning, He made the trip in his reusable suborbital rocket.

Blue Origin Launch

This is Blue Origin’s first passenger trip to Space, and it starts the company’s Commerical flights.

The flight slated for this morning was the 16th flight for the company. Blue Origin streamed the entire event Live from West Texas.

Blue Origin Jeff Bezos

The New Shepard lifted off under good weather conditions at 9:12 AM ET from the company’s site in Van Horn, Texas.

The flight crew of four flew up to the Kármán line, universally regarded as the edge of space.

Jeff Bezos expressed the moment as “I was surprised at how easy Zero-G was… it was like swimming.”

“My main mission was accomplished — I didn’t kick anyone,” Bezos said after the Capsule landed safely.

On Monday in an interview with CNN, Jeff Bezos said “We know the vehicle is safe. If the vehicle is not safe for me, it’s not safe for anyone,”

Jeff Bezos is now the second billionaire to take a passenger trip to space in a matter of weeks.

Last week

On Sunday Virgin Galactic completed a flight to space and back, British billionaire Richard Branson, two pilots, and three crewmates took the historic flight.

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Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson And Flight Crew Are Back From Space

Virgin Galactic is at the forefront of commercial Space travel. They received the United States FAA (Federal Aviation Administration’s) approval to fly customers on its Spaceship Two rocket plane.

Blue Origin live-streams test flight to space

The Spaceship took off around 11:25 eastern time after a 90 minutes delay due to strong winds and landed back at 11:39 eastern time.

Richard Branson’s space flight beat Jeff Bezos by 9 days after the former Amazon CEO scheduled his Blue Origin space flight for July 20.

Virgin Galactic is now on course to create the “world’s first commercial spaceline”, yesterday’s successful flight is just the beginning.

Both companies will be competing for Commercial travel passengers, Virgin Galactic currently charges $250,000 per flight.

Another Billionaire yet to take a passenger trip to space is Elon Musk. He has a more robust plan to move further and longer than the two previous passenger flights.



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