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Basic Men’s Style Terms You Need to Know

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Just when you think you know it all, you become a bird brain when you walk into a big box retailer or off the rack shop and can’t seem to describe what you want.

Don’t worry, the days of getting a “What I asked for vs what my Tailor made” is over.

Going through the hassle of searching online to source for a picture can be time-consuming. You know what you want but can’t get it because your men’s style vocabulary is lacking. You itch to look your best, to cross the limit your vocabulary presents by assessing that runway royal you visualize about.

Male Models would have nothing on you when you finally get your terms perfectly.

With the growth in the fashion industry, it seems like you’d never get it right but that’s a farce. The easiest and best thing to do is to actually know your style terms.

Daily we get acquainted with a men’s style term that leaves us wondering if we know fashion as much as we claim to do, but it’s really just basic.

Men’s Style Terms Every Man Needs to Know

From the Collar Gap to Drop, it seems like the style terminology is ever increasing and complex, but it’s not so hard because we’ve compiled sixteen very basic men’s style terms every man needs to know.

Collar Gap

Collar Gap

This is a usually undesired gap between the shirt collar and the suit collar. You have to ensure a good tailor is responsible for remedying this fashion glitch.

Gorge Height

Gorge Height

This is often called a “notch” and is the point on a jacket where the collar is attached to the lapel.



Your lapel should be proportionate to your tie and is usually folded as seen in the picture. It is called a collar by some but it actually a ‘Lapel’.


A Bespoke is a term used when you need to have a suit or outfit crafted to your exact specifications. You can decide the fabric, stitching and style you want in bespoke suiting.

Made to Measure

Made to Measure

This take an existing base pattern to be measured from. Tailored suits are usually of this kind where the pattern is taken directly from the wearer.

Single Breasted

This is a common type of suit that is made up of a narrow overlap that is fastened by a single row of buttons in the left over right layout.

Double Breasted

It is an advanced version of the single breasted as it has two rolls of buttons parallel to each other.


The raised surface found projecting from a fabric. It can sometimes be done intentionally by brushing or naturally from weaving, and it tends to create extra warmth.


This refers to the distance from the crotch to the waistband of the jeans or trouser. You can either have a low-rise pant or a high-waist pants popularly referred to as ‘High waist pants”


A Scottish term that means “arm’s eye”, this is the lower side of the armhole. An armscye can either be a high or a low armscye, depending on how snug it is. A higher one gives you a slimming and firm look but isn’t a comfortable as one that’s looser (Low armscye). For ease of movement and comfort, a low armscye is recommended.

Crew neck

Crew neck

This is the standard neck hole which rounds close to the neckline.



Just as the name implies, it is a V-neck shaped shirt style. It’s usually done to enhance the look of the chest.

Boat Neck

Boat Neck

This style follows the rounded contour of the crew neck but is much larger.


This is the vertical threading of a garment.


This is the horizontal threading of a garment.


This is the size (inches) difference between your jacket size and your waist size.



Do you know a men’s style term you know that you believe all men should know too?


Please share with us.

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