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Are These New ‘Consent Condoms’ Pointless?

An Argentinian company invented a condom that needs four hands to open the box. It requires two people using both their hands to press simultaneously on all four sets of buttons on the box.


Tulipan, an Argentine s*x toys and s****l-health products seller, invented the product. In their Facebook campaign, they had a huge message on consent. It said,

“Why can’t this box be opened with two hands? Because that’s how consent works in relationships.”


The limited edition of the condoms has been placed at events and bars around Buenos Aires. They have also used this to start a social media campaign about the importance of consent.



The ad campaign for this new, innovative smart product seems very interesting and has very convincing arguments too. But it also raises a few questions. The problem of accessibility is one that immediately comes to mind. This product is definitely inaccessible as it is only available in limited stores.


“If they don’t say yes, it means no.”


The company, Tulipan, kicked this off after they found that very few Argentine men use condoms regularly. Only about 20 per cent have ever used a condom. This raises the second question: how does a product that reduced the access to condoms, promote the use of it? If a molester or r****t thinks it will take the consent of his victim to open the condom he intends to use, then why buy it? However, the message behind the product is very valid, and reinforcing the need for protected consensual s*x is great.


It will be great to tackle the problem of s****l harassment and molestation with technology. A great product would be one that can tell when a woman is unwilling and then automatically set off an alarm.

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