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Apple Music Replay Revamped To Contend With Spotify Wrapped

Apple Music Replay, the streaming platform’s version of Spotify Wrapped that gives users an end-of-year recap of their listening behaviour, gets a revamp this year.

Already, YouTube Music has done some rebuilding as well to ensure that Spotify does not occupy the trends alone. However, from data we have culled from Twitter alone, Spotify Wrapped is the most popular year end music review for now.

The first thin users would likely notice about the new Apple Music Replay is the inclusion of more data in their recap. There are also more things to share with your online friends like personalised highlight reel of top artists, songs, albums, genres, and total minutes listened. In addition, there is a new list feature that shows users’ ranking in the top 100 listeners of a particular artist.

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If you use Apple Music, you should be able to access the replay tab from the website. It is in a direct competition with YouTube Music, which launched its on replay feature the same day, and Spotify, which launched its version the next day.

As usual, the next few days will be about streaming platforms and what others have been listening to. These recaps provide a window into what your mutuals like.

Also, for Nigerians who were recently talking about how streaming farms was affecting the legitimacy of charts, recaps could show if people truly listened to an artist or not.

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