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Apple could launch iPhone 15 Ultra in 2023, copying Samsung’s naming style

Apple could be launching an iPhone 15 Ultra next year instead of the Pro Max variant, as it looks to change its naming convention.

The news was leaked in the latest Mark Gurman newsletter. Although, we have no way of confirming if this is true, apart from Gurman’s reputation of being almost right with his Apple leaks.

The iPhone makers have been working to ensure that customers see the difference in its device lineups. Recently, we saw it redesign the pro versions of the iPhone 14 with a dynamic island display feature, which is missing in the vanilla variant.

However, it appears that it is not enough to use the Pro and Pro Max distinction as well. We don’t know anything much about iPhone 15 Ultra, that is, if Apple has chosen that name.

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Typically, when we think of ‘Ultra’ phones, Samsung high-end lineup comes to mind. Yet, it is not surprising that Apple may choose to use that naming style as well. Samsung has been poking its rivals with cheeky ads mocking its lack of a foldable device. It is not clear when Apple’s foldable phone would come, although, we did report that it has acquired a patent that would allow it build one in the future.

There are also some rumours that the iPhone 15 lineup will finally embrace the USB-C charging port as well. This news has been a long time coming after the phone maker failed to convince the EU to let it continue with its lightning cord design.

In his newsletter, Gurman also claimed that Apple would not hold another event to launch its Mac mini, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro devices in 2022. Although, they will still be released, it would be with the usual hype.

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