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7 skills to prove your working from home efficiency

Prove your working from home efficiency with these 7 skills

According to a new Microsoft survey, 80% of managers believe that workers are not productive when working from home, here are 7 skills you need to master to prove yourself. Note that the same survey showed that 87% of employees argue that they are more productive.

7 skills to prove your working from home efficiency

1. Communication

As the above data showed, there is a disparity between the two camps. Why? Likely because communication decreases when working remotely. For many, this may be because they are lost in their work and don’t want to be distracted. However, communicating with your manager (or boss) is very important if you are working remotely). So, show up for meetings and contribute. Also, you should engage messages and emails with better responses than “okay”, “done”, or “seen”. These are not phrases you will use in a reply if the conversation happened physically.

2. Time management

To successfully manage time as you work remotely, you need to improve your prioritisation and delegation. There may be so much to do, but not everything comes first, so prioritise based on urgency and schedule duties. In addition, you will need to get better at strategic planning and solving problems. However, don’t forget to manage stress so you don’t burn out quickly. Setting a routine is the best way to do these in a work-time frame.

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3. Organisation

Just like time management, organisation will help you get more done at the right time. While working from home, it helps to keep your workspace organised (be it physical or digital). This way, you know where everything is and can quickly reach what you need. For example, you should have work tools organised before you begin work each day, and on your computer, you should organise your software or files in folders.

4. Collaboration

Collaboration is another aspect of remote work that managers complain about. Employees tend to forget that they are not working alone for the company’s good. In a physical workplace, it is easier to collaborate. However, it doesn’t have to be different in a virtual workplace. Take time out to contribute and share ideas in discussions. This way, you prove you are capable of working remotely.

5. Adaptability

One advantage of working remotely should be your ability to be flexible. Sadly, some have become so stuck in a routine that they don’t want to leave. This may cause problems for management and make them reluctant to let remote work continue. So. if you are working remotely, be open to adaptation. For example, you could be required to change work hours because you are not stuck to ‘office hours’.

6. Problem solving

There may come times when you run into problems in discharging your duties. If you were working out of the office, you could quickly get a colleague to solve the problem. However, working remotely, you may have to solve these issues. Learn to use the power of the internet to learn practically anything. Otherwise, if your manager has to be called at every inconvenience, then it may defeat the purpose of working from home.

7. Leadership

Self-motivation is a critical leadership quality that remote workers need to cultivate. There will come times when you need to motivate yourself to get things done and meet deadlines. Most times, there will be no manager lurking around to ‘wake you up’. Also, you may be required to make decisions you would naturally want to leave to others. As a remote worker, you are like a leader of a team made up of yourself.

Of course, in the end, productivity is proof of work, Yet, it helps when your boss or manager knows every step of the way that working remotely is as efficient as working in the office.

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