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AMD Unveils Powerful Gaming CPU

The new AMD has a 16-core 7-nanometre gaming central processing unit (CPU). The Ryzen 9 3950X is coming in September 2019.


The best part is that it actually fits into the AM4 motherboard. AMD’s executive, Travis Kirsch says; “I don’t think there’s any reason people would buy an Intel processor after we do this.”


AMD is looking to beat Intel for the first time with this new release. It is going to be the third generation of Ryzen desktop CPUs.


It definitely beats AMD’s 32-core Threadripper. The new AMD CPU also has a 3.5GHz base clock, 4.7GHz boost clock, an incredible 72MB of cache and a one-of-its-kind 105W TDP.




AMD has also announced the Ryzen 3000 lineup set for release on 7th July 2019. They also say the 7-nanometre processors are cheaper and more power efficient. It will also compete closely with Intel’s best gaming CPU.


According to AMD, 40% of the speed and efficiency proficiency is attributed to the smaller 7-nanometre circuitry. The other 60% is the new design of the Zen 2 cores. This gives a 15% boost over the former Zen architecture.


The AMD chip will now let gamers stream at ultra-high-quality video rate. It can make games run considerably faster. This is also a cheaper alternative to Intel.


AMD has said it has no intentions to change the AM4 motherboard compatibility. So there will be no need to get a new board when upgrading the CPU.



AMD’s David McAfee says, “It will really take a major inflection point in the platform technology for us to move off of socket AM4.”


AMD is giving the Ryzen 7 and 9 RGB LED-lit Wraith Prism cooler. This will have Razor Chroma lightening support that will sync up with the keyboard, mouse and other gaming gear.


It is worthy to know that it isn’t every Ryzen 3000 part that will come with 7 nanometres Zen 2 core. There will also be a new pair of APUs coming. They will have integrated graphics, Ryzen 5 3400G and Ryzen 3 3200G. They will also have the last generation CPU will more powerful Vega graphics.

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