You are currently viewing Jeff Bezos Amazon cure for cancer reaches clinical trial
Jeff Bezos Amazon cure for cancer reaches clinical trial

Jeff Bezos Amazon cure for cancer reaches clinical trial

Amazon and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center are working on a vaccine to cure cancer, and it’s undergoing clinical trial. For it to have gotten to this stage, it means that the FDA has approved the treatment for trials.

According to a filing with the government, the companies are looking for 20 volunteers who are 18 years and above. For now, the trial is in the first phase, and the vaccine will be developed as ‘personal vaccines’ for b****t and a special kind of skin cancer called melanoma.

Also, from the filing, Amazon is credited as a collaborator and Fred Hutchinson as a sponsor.

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The first time Amazon posted the study was in October 2021. It began on June 9 and is expected to be ready by November 2023. 

Business Insider mentions that a ‘secretive’ research and development Amazon group, known as Grand Challenge, started overseeing the study to develop a cure for cancer in the beginning. But the decision to now ascribe its name to it publicly may be a sign that we should be expecting a breakthrough.

As CNBC notes, the eCommerce company has recently spread its tentacles into health care. It launched an online pharmacy in 2020 and runs a telehealth service named Amazon Care. In addition, the company is working on an at-home medical diagnostics arm as well, which is likely an offshoot of what we saw during the self-help testing kit era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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