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Amazon Adds Workout Tracking Feature To Echo Buds

Amazon has finally decided to add a new feature to Echo Buds that is meant to help track your workouts. This development has been tested on the earbuds a year ago; and Amazon says it’s finally rolling it out over the next few days.


With fitness tracking, the Echo Buds can keep adequate track of the time you’ve worked out in a given period. It can also record the amount of calories you burn; keep record of the steps you take; and estimate how fast or far you walk or run.

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If you intend to give it a go, you can start by opening the Alexa app; go to Account Settings, tap the Workouts section, then set up a workout profile. To have a look your stats, open the Alexa app again, go to the devices tab, then find your stats in the Echo Buds section. You can request for Amazon’s digital assistant to begin tracking your activities by saying: “Alexa, start a workout.” The feature also lets you use your voice to pause or end a workout.


It’s noteworthy that Amazon also has a dedicated fitness service called Halo, which was released in August 2020 alongside the Halo Band. While the Echo Buds may not represent the company’s health-focused business, its fitness tracker could still offer an alternative for customers.


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