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Amazing Benefits Of Love Letters To Your Mental Health

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Imagine being down for weeks in a state of depression. Then you get a mail, and it’s a love letter addressed to you. It doesn’t matter who sent it. What truly matters are the words and the power they have in transforming your mood.


We all wish we can feel more loved than we do sometimes. In actual fact, love, gratitude and appreciation have been scientifically proven to improve mental health. You can either show love or receive it; they both have a positive impact on you. Your mental and emotional health combined gives you a physical boost which results in your wholesomeness.


However small a love letter or the act of showing kindness seems, its benefits are way bigger. The amazing truth is that you can go from having social anxiety one minute to having it alleviated. It can take just a simple thoughtful gesture to change all that.




Health benefits of love letters

Making a loving gesture is one easy way to alleviate a mental problem. One way to achieve this is through a love letter. Many couples have stopped making such gestures because of the social media age. However, couples need to take measures to rebirth the love letter age. The reasons are solely for the benefits of love on health.


Engaging in love can activate areas in the brain responsible for emotion, attention, motivation and memory. Love and pleasure are capable of stimulating health, well-being and (re)productivity! It supports stress reduction and alleviates anxiety. This occurs when the pleasurable experience promotes an inhibitory tone in specific areas of the brain.


Writing a love letter doesn’t take too much of your time. You also don’t need a fancy envelope if you can’t access one, what truly matters is the words you write. Also, you can spray on some fragrance as we did back in school. It proves you put your heart and soul into writing that letter. It doesn’t really matter how many words you write; just be original and genuine.


My love letter to you

Dear You,


I don’t know who you are, but I am so glad you’re reading this. I’m sure you really want to read something sweet and beautiful that can help make you smile. I hope the word ‘smile’ did just that.


I’m sure your smile is as beautiful as the heart that led you on here. You’re such a pure soul, and I want you to know that I’m not just saying this. You either did your research or someone sent this link to you. Also, you read it because you were curious, and here you are reading my letter addressed to you.


I really want to know who you are, but that doesn’t matter. We are one: one body, one mind and one soul with one goal – to live a healthy life and to love while doing so.


I hope you’ve found someone who can send a love letter to you. If not, I don’t mind being here for you.


Sarah Ifidon

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