You are currently viewing Alienware 17-inch monsters to get 480Hz refresh rate displays

Alienware 17-inch monsters to get 480Hz refresh rate displays

Alienware is fitting its 17-inch PCs with 480Hz refresh rate screens, putting it at 120Hz above the other best refresh rate laptops in the industry. Living up to its name, the company is creating a fresh breed of gaming graphics monsters.

The new display is a $300 upgrade for the already available Alienware X17 R2 and M17 R5 laptops. Also, while they can be configured up to 4K displays, the screens remain 1080p by default.

Alienware is also launching its AMD Advantage version of the M17 R5 PCs, and this upgraded screen performance could launch with it. The Verge speculates that the coming PC could be fitted with AMD’s fastest Ryzen 7 and 9 processors and the fastest Radeon RX 6-series laptop GPUs.

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If you are unaware, the AMD processors will be extreme game changers for gamers and other heavy users. One unique thing it offers is the ability to transfer power and memory to components that need them the most for a particular task, to give them boosts.

Of course, for ordinary users, the power of the 480Hz refresh rate would be a waste as they may not readily notice the difference. There are not even enough games that would unleash the power of the display to its full potential, yet it is never bad for PC makers to increase display capabilities as technology advancement only leads to additional ones.

We will soon start seeing more powerful competitive games that require high refresh rate screens for a complete playing experience.

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