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A Crash Course On Trendy Slang Words And Their Meanings

The internet keeps evolving, and new slang words keep developing. With the numerous numbers and the quick drift from one to the other, there’s little time to fully adjust to knowing what they all mean. While you may not latch onto knowing them all, you can learn from the most common ones.


These days, adults just stick to the ‘lol’ and don’t bother knowing more than that. This way, you can easily add more slang words to your vocabulary and insert them into your conversations. Use these code words to chat when the older folks are around and they probably wouldn’t know when you let in on a secret or two.


While texting or chatting, here are common slang words that are floating around these days. Hurry before the trend ends!


A crash course on trendy slang words and their meaning



1. Lit


“Lit” implies that something is cool, especially when it pertains to parties. It’s also a synonym for drunk, high or wasted.


2. Bae


This represents the phrase “before anyone else” and is commonly used for a significant other.


3. Goat


This is an acronym for “Greatest of All Time”. This is used to refer to someone thriving in their field. So, try it will you? Call someone a Goat and wait for their response.


4. Extra


While it’s not different from the dictionary meaning, it’s used for a negative connotation. When you believe someone is going too much or trying too much, then they are being Extra.


5. Yaas


This slang word is used when you express excitement. It’s simply Yes + excitement = Yaaas!


6. Hundo P

This means 100%.So you can use it instead of “of course” or “definitely.”


7. IMO

No, it’s not the app. IMO is the safe way to express your opinions. IMHO: In My Opinion / In My Humble Opinion.


8. Fam

This is a word derived from ‘Family’. The ‘ily’ means ‘I love you’.


9. PAW

PAW: Parents Are Watching. You can use this code when you want to avoid saying or doing something in front of your parents. This is perfect for smooth criminal.


10. TIL

TIL: Today I Learned. This was originally used in Reddit. It is used when you learn about information that isn’t new but is new to you. You can share it with the world by adding a “TIL”.

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