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6G Technology Is Being Explored By The US

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The United States Federal Communications Commission Agency has unanimously voted to open “terahertz wave” spectrum that could one day be used for 6G services.

The spectrum, which falls in the 95 gigahertz (GHz) to 3 terahertz (THz) range, will be open for experimental use to let engineers who are dreaming of the next generation of wireless to begin their work.

The spectrum could open doors for more high-tech Artificial Intelligence activities. It could also offer super high-speed internet service for data-intensive applications.

The FCC is looking to give innovators a 10-year licence to experiment with new 6G products and services.

Later in March 2019, scientists and engineers will gather in Oulu, Finland for a 6G Wireless Summit. Researchers are already looking to explore the technology even though actual applications that could use this super high-frequency spectrum haven’t been demonstrated or even imagined.

The 5G technology, after over nine years of underground work, is only now being rolled out by US wireless operators. Wireless researchers say access to the 6G spectrum will help the US stay ahead in wireless.

This is coming after President Donald Trump mentioned the 6G technology in a tweet in February 2019. Some experts at the time thought it was too early to start exploring the technology. It, however, seems the president’s wish might come true after all.

However, some proximity problems are already being envisaged. Like the millimetre 5G waves, the terahertz spectrum has propagation characteristics that require very short transmission distances and line-of-sight transmission. It means signals won’t be able to penetrate obstacles, like walls, and would be interfered by things like trees or changes in weather.

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